Whiskey Myers debut new song "Die Rockin'"

Hell. Yeah. Brother.

Whiskey Myers is one of the best bands in roots music right now. While they're definitely more rock'n'roll than country, they're just badass. Period. After their last Dave Cobb-produced effort, Mud, they are set to drop their next record on September 27th, this time handling the producing duties themselves.

They just released the first single from the upcoming project, "Die Rockin'." Co-written by frontman Cody Cannon and Texas Music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard, this song definitely rocks.

Here's the record's tracklist:

1. “Die Rockin’” (Cody Cannon, Ray Wylie Hubbard) 2. “Mona Lisa” (Cody Cannon) 3. “Rolling Stone” (Cody Cannon, Adam Hood) 4. “Bitch” (John Jeffers) 5. “Gasoline” (Cody Cannon) 6. “Bury My Bones” (John Jeffers, Tennessee Jet) 7. “Glitter Ain’t Gold” (John Jeffers) 8. “Houston County Sky” (Cody Cannon) 9. “Little More Money” (Cody Cannon) 10. “California to Caroline” (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere, Mark Stephen Jones) 11. “Kentucky Gold” (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere, Dave Kennedy) 12. “Running” (Cody Cannon, Brent Cobb) 13. “Hammer” (Cody Cannon) 14. “Bad Weather” (John Jeffers)

Check it out below.

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