Song of the Week: Whiskey Foxtrot's "San Isidro"

There isn't much I enjoy more than finding new bands. Shout out to the good folks over at Red Dirt NC for tweeting about this group and bringing them to my attention.

Whiskey Foxtrot is a band based out of Winston-Salem, NC and have yet to release their debut record. I dove right into the three singles they dropped on Spotify, and I really dig what I've heard. However, "San Isidro" is definitely my favorite. It's a killer tune about the memory of a lover that keeps hanging around, and how that can completely consume you. The songwriting is top-notch on this track. I especially love the part in the chorus that goes "I can't look back, but I still look back. On all those empty promises and dreams that ran off-track."

What really makes this band, and in particular this song, appeal to me is the sound. The mix of alt-country, heartland rock guitars, and lap steel really makes this band tick. In a lot of ways, Whiskey Foxtrot reminds me of American Aquarium meets Tom Petty, with some Southern Rock mixed in for good measure.

I'm excited for their debut record. Listen to "San isidro" below.

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