Song of the Week: Miranda Lambert's "It All Comes Out in the Wash"

Miranda is back...and she brought the swagger.

We really need to appreciate how good of an artist Miranda Lambert has been in the last 15 years, especially in mainstream country. She consistently has been one of the bright spots in Nashville, and this new single is no different.

After parting ways with her longtime producer Frank Liddell, Miranda promised more of a "rock vibe" on her upcoming record. Then she announced that Jay Joyce would be producing her next project, which seemed to signal a stylistic shift back to the more sassy leaning sound we heard early in her career.

"It All Comes Out in the Wash" definitely lives up to that description, leaning on a more rock-friendly guitar tone. This lead single preaches about not letting life get you down, because it'll all get better once you "put that sucker on spin."

I really dig this one. Check it out below.

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