Song of the Week: "Bad Guy" by Casey Donahew

Be honest. This is such a relatable song.

We've all either been that person who wasn't treated right or didn't treat someone right. Casey Donahew tackles this topic in new song, "Bad Guy." With lines like "Double wells and single malts. I'll twist the truth till it's your fault," Donahew really hits the nail on the head of how toxic some relationships can be. "Bad Guy" is the kind of song that really makes you take a step back and take inventory of your past relationships and why they didn't work.

With a new album set to drop on July 26, Casey Donahew has been releasing singles onto Spotify in piecemeal fashion. The pick for OC Drifters Song of the Week really came down to "Bad Guy" and "I Still Ain't Made it Home," with "Bad Guy" receiving the slight edge for this week.

Preorder Donahew's new record today and get 7 new tracks immediately, or go stream them all on Spotify. Check out the acoustic performance of "Bad Guy" below.

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