New Koe Wetzel Music Video for "Forever"

This song is a straight banger.

Country & Cold Cans has been huge fans of Koe since his first record. We've been big supporters from the start. Koe Wetzel has been one of Texas Music's biggest's hitters for a while. We personally have seen him in three different towns...Virginia Beach, Charlotte, and now next week will be Raleigh. Koe puts on a great show and we're ready to party each time.

This was a killer video. Koe and co. harken back to my favorite movie, Back to the Future, with the initial music video soundtrack when the bus leaves. However, they see what it's like when they get back to reality...kinda. It's a great watch.

On our podcast review, I said "Forever" was gonna be a straight jam. I knew it would be banger for his live show. And, I wasn't wrong.

Check out his music video for "Forever" below.

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