Morgan Wallen drops studio version of Jason Isbell tune

This was a pleasant surprise.

I was scrolling through twitter last night and saw Morgan Wallen dropped a new song. Now, I knew he covered Jason Isbell's "Cover Me Up" on Taste of Country, and he killed it. So when I saw he put out a studio version, I was interested to say the least. And Wallen definitely did the song justice. What we have here is another inspired vocal performance, with a badass pedal steel solo to boot.

As I said when I covered his acoustic rendition, Isbell's version will always be the best. However, it needs to be said how important it is to see Jason Isbell getting attention from mainstream artists. It really shows how much influence he has in roots music today.

Good on Morgan Wallen for cutting this. Now let's just hope he sends it to country radio,

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