American Aquarium Fans Fully Fund Upcoming Record in Only Two Weeks (Plus New Acoustic Song)

This is killer.

BJ Barham has worked hard over the last 15 years building his fanbase one by one, laying the foundation for his current success. Going back a couple records, American Aquarium decided to ask their fans to crowdfund their new records, which allow the North Carolina band to maintain control of the creative process. But this was no ordinary preorder. Instead, they offered everything from digital downloads and vinyl copies to executive producer credits and private concerts. It was simple: BJ asked his fans to offer whatever amount of money they could so he and the band could make the top quality records that we all love. And man, have they delivered.

This time around, the upcoming record, Lamentations, is set for an April 2020 release date. About two weeks ago, BJ requested his fans do what they've done for the last two projects: help support live, original, independent music. And that they did. In just two short weeks, AA fans have helped fund 106% of the requested amount for Lamentations. If you'd like to help further fund the record, you can do so here.

As a thank you of sorts, BJ has played 4 acoustic tunes from the upcoming project and they've all been killer. In particular, I love “The Day I Learned To Lie To You.” That one is top notch songwriting. Check it out below.

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